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Bringing friends and family together one coffee bean at a time!

Azucar Loca Coffee Company wants to interact with your community and organization to help you achieve your goals. Coffee is one of the largest commodities in the world. This makes selling our coffee and raising money for your organization easy. Your friends and family get delicious coffee and products and your organization makes money for its cause. Causes can be any thing from sports jerseys, uniforms, and equipment. You name it, we can help make you rasie the funds you need!   

Our goal is to help you achieve yours. We aim to align and foster strong relationships with participants, parents, and community.  For its Passion, Energy and the Love of Life in every cup.  

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We help all organizations and clubs raise money!

• Marching Band
• Drill Teams
• Cheerleading Squads
• Debate Teams
• Science Clubs
• Book Clubs
• Social Clubs
• Class Trips