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About Azúcar Loca Coffee Company

Azúcar Loca Coffee Company sources the best quality beans from dedicated and experienced farmers throughout Central and South America, Indonesia and Africa.  We hand roast small batches to perfection, bringing out all the delicious notes and aromas the beans can offer, giving you “Absoluta Perfección” (Absolute Perfection) in each cup.


Our brand focuses on artisan hand crafted coffees derived from the passion, energy, love, creativity, music and the culture from each county that we get our coffee from.  


When the beans arrive to your door and you grind them at home, you will smell amazing aromas such as: blueberry, chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, tangerine, molasses and more depending on the type of coffee.  


The Azúcar Loca Coffee Company brand is centered around the image of our abuelita, our grandmother.  For us, our fondest memories were always centered at the kitchen table with coffee, Café Cubano, café con leche, espresso and lattes flowing freely.  Time spent with friends, family, and neighbors: talking, laughing, having fun and utter silliness.  The smell of fresh baked cookies, breads, food, whiffs of vanilla, cinnamon, & other spices permeate the air. We hope that as you enjoy each sip you are surrounded by the fond memories of friends and family that warm your heart and comfort your soul.  


It’s the love of life, energy, passion and experience we strive to bring each of you, for life is should always be fun, crazy and delicioso.

How We Roast

Passion!  Great coffee begins with passionate farmers, and we have discovered truly passionate and talented farmers all throughout the world. Not only is coffee farming their core focus, but coffee is in every aspect of their lives. Their passion is in the music they listen too, the food that’s baking in the oven, its laughter and joy at night around the fire pit as they enjoy a cup of amazing coffee.  

Passion combined with the region, soil, rainfall, altitude, shade level, dedicated and skilled pickers, processing and packing all play a vital role in the initial stages of what you will call an “outstanding” pot of coffee.   

Enjoy Life! Disfruta la vida! 

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